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You decide for yourself the question: where to go to study? Choosing the right place for study is an important matter in the life of a young man! Today, many educational institutions offer their graduates to schools and lyceums their educational services.

BNTU Branch "Minsk State Engineering College" is an institution of education in the system of continuous vocational education, which provides secondary specialized education integrated with general secondary, vocational and higher education.

Educational and methodological and educational work is carried out by 73 engineering and pedagogical workers, among which 29 have the highest qualification category, 25 are the first and 11 are the second category.

The work of the college team is aimed at improving the educational process, seeking new forms and methods of work, improving the quality of training specialists and workers. In the educational process, modern pedagogical technologies, information-developing and problem-searching methods of instruction are used.

The college has two educational buildings.

Training rooms (8 of which are computer rooms) and laboratories equipped with modern equipment and teaching aids.

Work is constantly carried out to improve and strengthen the educational and material base of cabinets and laboratories.

Graduates of our branch of BNTU have the opportunity to get higher education in reduced terms in BNTU and other institutions of higher education

An important element in the professional training of professionals and workers are the training practices that students attend in the college's training and production workshops.

An important link in the structure of the college is the library, the book fund of which is more than 120 thousand copies. In the reading room for 90 places, students of the college prepare for classes, receive qualified assistance from librarians in the selection and use of artistic, scientific and technical and reference literature, methodological aids.
In the college there is a department for educational work with young people. The activities of the department are aimed at educating students about citizenship, patriotism, respect for universal human values.

The activities of the department are aimed at educating students about citizenship, patriotism, respect for universal human values.

In the college, each student has the opportunity to show their creative abilities: in the assembly hall for 400 seats, annual amateur art competitions, solemn events, KVN, evenings are held every year.

Physical culture and sports play an important role in the life of the college. We have a sports and gym, in which students have the opportunity to engage in sports equipment and simulators. Educational and sports work is conducted in the volleyball, basketball, and mini-football sections. Athletics sports are very popular among college students. There are sports sections of shooting from pneumatic weapons, “Hand-to-hand fight”

Over the past years, participants in the sports section of firing pneumatic guns have been consistently ranked first in the district contest “Conscript of the Year.”

Over the years, the college has won prizes in regional and city competitions in many sports.

In the annual sports festivals - “Day of Defenders of the Fatherland”, “Day of Health”, employees and students of the college take an active part. The winners of the competitions get prizes

There are a number of circles in the college: “WEB-design”, “Dance until young”, “Successors of traditions”, “Chroniclers”, “Vocal”, “Photography”, “Victory Pledge - intellect”, “Belarusian hutka”, “Stretching And plastic“,”Fine Arts“,”Modern Dance“, ”Journalism“.

In the hostel of the college all the conditions for preparing for classes and for recreation are created. In cozy rooms live for 2...3 people. In your free time you can watch TV, use the library, a sports room and a student club.

The college has a dining room with 180 seats for students and college staff. The staff of the canteen pays much attention to the culture of service, the quality of cooking, ensures the catering of all its visitors.

They are proud of

Winners and prizewinners of the republican Olympiad of professional skill (held every two years):

Romanovich P.A., group K-94, I place (1997),

Vyshemirsky V.G., group K-94, III place (1997),

Sych V.M., group K-97, I place (1999),

Dubrovin S.A., group K-97, II place (1999),

Supichenko R.V., group 250-R, III place (1999),

Zhukovsky V.V., group 271-P, III place (2001),

Rapovich S.V., group K-103, II place (2005), Baranov Nikolay. Group 362-R, I place in the college team and 1st place in personal classification (2007),

Bogdanov Alexander, group 363-Р, I place in the team of the college and II place in personal classification (2007):


Gorodko Sergei (group 436-R), I place in the individual competition (April 18-21, 2011 on the basis of the Gomel State Machine-Building College)

Maksimovich Alexander (group 426-R), II place in the personal classification (2011)


Our students of junior courses also become winners and prize-winners of regional subject Olympiads (on languages, history, etc.).

The release of young specialists for 62 years of college work (1954-2016)

by specialties:

Technology of mechanical engineering (Processing of metals by cutting)


Forging and stamping production




Metalworking machines and automatic lines Internal combustion engines


Road construction


Tool production


Installation and operation of machine tools and automatic lines


Maintenance of machine tools and robot technology complexes


Standardization and quality control in mechanical engineering


Standardization and quality control in mechanical engineering


Manufacture of machine tools with NC and robots


Economics and Organization of Production (Economics and Enterprise Management)


Accounting, analysis and control


Manufacture of vehicles




Technological equipment of machine-building production


For 62 years the branch of BNTU “Minsk State Machine-Building College”
has prepared more than 22 thousand specialists with secondary special education



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