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A long and rich history has a branch of BNTU "Minsk State Mechanical- Engineering College". The development of machine building in the 1950s, the construction of new ones and the reconstruction of old enterprises objectively demanded the training of mid-level technicians.

This was the first building of the technical school in 1954

And it all began like this ...

By order of the Council of Ministers of the USSR of August 7, 1954, No. 8634-R and the order of the Ministry of Automotive, Tractor and Agricultural Machine Building of the USSR dated August 16, 1954 No. 148, the Minsk Automechanical Technical School was established.

Later, on August 17, 1957, the technical school was renamed the Minsk Evening Machine-Building Technical School. And June 2, 1960 - in the Minsk Machine-Building Technical School with a vocational school with him.


By Order of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the BSSR of August 8, 1966 No. 603, the Minsk Machine-Building Technical School with the vocational school under it was reorganized into the Minsk Machine-Building Technical School.

And it became so a little later ...

In drawing classes

The fundamental changes that occurred in the sphere of education in the second half of the 90s were also affected by the machine-building technical school. The transition to a multistage education system, the need to ensure the continuity of all levels of education - from basic to higher education - and the creation of a unified system of technical education initiated the creation on the basis of a college technical college.


By order of the Minister of Automobile and Agricultural Machinery of the USSR No. 350 of June 2, 1990, the technical school was the first in the Republic of Belarus to be reorganized into the Minsk Machine-Building College.

Thus, laboratory work was
carried out in those early years

This is how our college
looks today

Later, on October 16, 2001, the Minsk Machine-Building College was renamed into the educational establishment «Minsk State Engineering College».
On August 29, 2002, the establishment of the Minsk State Engineering College was reorganized through the accession to it of the educational institution «Minsk Vocational School No. 94 of Mechanical Engineering».
And on December 30, 2015 in connection with the joining of the college to the Belarusian National Technical University, it was renamed into the BNTU Branch «Minsk State Engineering College».



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